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There are some commercials that I love – why do I like them more every time I see them? They make me laugh and are just as entertaining (if not more so) than the show I’m watching.

Here are my latest favorites:

The honda ridgeline dog – dashound with auto-tennis ball throwing machine – awww…..

The Bertolli Pasta opera commercial

What’s NOT funny about a chef opera singing about pasta?

Used to think these Geico Cash commercials were dumb but they grow and grow on me…

Geico Cash Roofers

Geico Cash Date

Love the Geico Gecko ones too – how do they make him so cute?

Geico Gecko Trust

An oldie but goodie – Geico Caveman at the airport

hmm…apparently I should be working for Geico (or at least the Martin Group)

Swiffer flower delivery with stalker mop

Swiffer duster with mexican band

Swiffer wetjet baby come back commercial – love the broom in towel at the end 🙂

There’s one more funny swiffer commercial that ends with stalker mop splatting against a window but I can’t find it…let me know if you do.


Written by Jocelyn

April 10, 2009 at 10:54 pm

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