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6 cures for SEO mistakes from imediaconnection.com

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Just read an interesting article at imediaconnection about the major mistakes many companies make with Search Engine Optimization and how to cure them.

According to imediaconnection.com the 6 biggest SEO mistakes are:

1. Lack of W3C compliance – CSS and other clean code help search engines index your site more easily.

2. Use of a 302 (temporary) rather than a 301 (permanent) redirect – While a 302 redirect is often the default, use of a 301 redirect helps search engines transfer more of the previous pages’ value to the new page.

3. Using JavaScript in navigation – without a code fix, use of javascript in navagation can cause search engines to ignore navigation content.

4. Lack of URL structure best practices – whenever possible use static rather than dynamic urls so as to take advantage of keywords inherent of urls – but be careful rewriting dynamic urls as you can make things worse if you don’t do it correctly.

5. Duplicate  page content РOver-syndication of content can cause it to be labeled as spam. The best way to increase page ranking is to provide good, original content in one location.

6. Lack of coordination between SEO and PR – Hotlinking and correct use of keywords in press releases can increase traffic back to your website.

They don’t mention at least one other common mistake that can interfere with SEO – improper use of flash or image-based text and lack of accompanying content text for search engines to crawl. Otherwise an excellent article.

For more information on these SEO mistakes and how to fix them read the article 6 cures for common SEO mistakes at imediaconnection.com.


Written by Jocelyn

March 27, 2009 at 9:37 pm